Since 1995, our family has been running the first Mountain Bike Hotel in Slovenia. The old hotel (Club Krnes) was situated in the middle of a small town. In that time, we have been dreaming of a location with good views, somewhere in the countryside. The dreams came true and the new location we found is at the beautiful tourist farm called Koroš. It is situated in Jamnica at the edge of the Karavanke mountain range.


In our opinion other hotels are distinguished by the number of stars in their name and their atmosphere of boredom. Therefore we decided to establish a club type hotel which specialises in programmes for mountain bike and mountain adventures. Our hotel provides a base for the activities which take place in the surrounding woods and mountains.


We do not have what the "big" ones have, but we can offer a nice stay for 20 guests in double or twin rooms.



Guided tours, thematic trips, art and presentations, as well as games and amusement represent the part of our life to be enjoyed by the participants on active holiday.

Taking part in the offered activities is not a must, especially since the surroundings of Koroš offer countless possibilities for one's own choice.




- gorgeous panorama
- friendly environment
- home-grown organic food
- spacious terrace
- swimming pool
- sauna and massage
- places for spending relaxing
  or creative leisure time
- free WiFi


EcoHotel Panoramic View

Watch EcoHotel Koroš from the sky!


Bed&Breakfast: from 30€/person

Price list



Tourism Farm Mikl


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